31 Dec 2018

For what seems like forever, carpet flooring has been a flooring staple for homeowners and home builders. If most of the living areas of a home are not covered in carpet flooring, then the bedrooms at the very least tend to be. Over the years, carpet styles have changed, but they continue to evolve with time. The latest trend in carpet flooring has been a long time coming – waterproof carpet flooring. Now families can enjoy carpet flooring in nearly every room of the house, and they are easy to clean when it comes to spills. No more mold and water damage from wet carpet flooring.

Waterproof carpet may come with a heavier price tag than homeowners would like right now, but if they still want carpet flooring, the colors, patterns, and material options are nearly endless. Whether homeowners want plush carpet or a textured carpet, they won’t have to look far for design options. In today’s home design, people are choosing bolder colors for their carpet flooring as well. Many homeowners are choosing carpet flooring in multiple shades, like ombre carpet, or the increasingly popular tile carpet design. Bold and big colored squares of carpet are seamed together to create a unique look in flooring design.

For those homeowners who still want the beauty and simplicity of hardwood floors, but crave the warmth of carpet, area rugs are still a very popular choice. Some homeowners use carpet flooring sparingly throughout their home in places like staircases.

At Magnus Anderson, we can help you achieve any interior design vision you have using carpet flooring. Nowadays, not only is carpet flooring available in an endless collection of materials, colors and designs, but it is more versatile and easy to care for than it ever has been before. For some, the choice is either carpet or no carpet. At Magnus Anderson, we believe that you can have whatever mixture of flooring options you would like! The new style in interior design is to play around with different options until you find what is perfect for you. If you are ready to find your perfect floors, give Magnus Anderson a call today at (910) 483-0468.

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